seven signature foods of Alberta are showcased in Alberta Food Tours' Eat Alberta First gift box

Eat Alberta First Gift Boxes Now on Sale

Duration: ongoing

Date: 31 Dec 2018

Location: Alberta

For Food Lovers


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Delivery to Northern Canada (Yukon, NWT, Nunavit) or Newfoundland requires additional postage. Please inquire prior to purchase.

The Eat Alberta Gift Box is the perfect gift for food lovers with seven signature foods of Alberta plus a Food Artisans of Alberta guidebook

Beef jerky, bison rub, organic canola, honey, root vegetable preserve, grainy mustard, Saskatoon jam

Includes Food Artisans of Alberta - Your Trail Guide to the best of our Locally Crafted Fare.

Personalize your gift giving with a beautifully branded card included.

What to Expect

Our company credo is EAT ALBERTA FIRST.

The release of Food Artisans of Alberta – Your Trail Guide to the Best of our Locally Crafted Fare written by our company president, Karen Anderson and Matilde Sanchez-Turri, illuminates the depth and breadth of ways to enjoy Alberta’s bounty and it inspired us to create an Eat Alberta First gift box.

We’ve done all the shopping, visiting seven different quality purveyors, for you. We chose seven of the most tasteful signature products in the province. You’ll find beef jerky, a bison rub, cold-pressed organic canola oil, creamed honey, grainy mustard, preserved root vegetables and saskatoon berry jam.

Each box also contains a copy of Food Artisans of Alberta which includes recipes for both a summer and winter quintessential Alberta meal along with the stories of 200 food producers, maps to guide your travel and lists of the best farmers’ markets and watering holes in the province.

Whether you are welcoming someone to the province, thanking them for business or team work, or shipping a little of home to a relative or friend far away – we’ve got an edible solution that’s sure to make an indelible taste memory of Alberta for the fortunate recipient.



This is the perfect wedding, birthday, Christmas, Valentine, house-warming or Welcome-to-Alberta gift. It's great for the person who has everything. The Eat Alberta First gift box is filled with edible gifts and a book that leads to eating, enjoying and exploring Alberta.

Karen Anderson, President and CEO, Alberta Food Tours, Inc.
Karen Anderson - owner of Calgary Food Tours - Alberta Food Tours Inc.