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  • Self-Guided

Special Event: Alberta Food Finder Day

Quick Details

Team All Ages • Up to 4 People

Become an Alberta Food Finder

Treat yourself to a day of FUN with our new self-guided food tour. On our First Annual Alberta Food Finder Day, we’ll be celebrating with special tastings, prize draws, and a dreamy GRAND PRIZE.

The Alberta Food Finder self-guided food tour is curated by us but played on your phone. The secret route is revealed as you answer questions, solve clues and complete challenges throughout the Kensington district in Calgary. On July 16 only, you’ll also have the chance to meet cookbook author, Alberta food expert, and founder of Alberta Food Tours, Karen Anderson; as well as food photographer and stylist Nicole Liboiron-Coles.

Come on out for our First Annual Alberta Food Finder Day and you’ll receive:

  • Food styling and photography tips from a professional food photographer
  • Special insider tips from a local cookbook author and Alberta food expert
  • Tastings at Peasant Cheese, Indie Counter Culture, Holy Cow, Sidewalk Citizen Bakery and Crave Cupcakes and other surprises
  • A chance to win instant prizes from Modern Burger
  • Exclusive discounts at partners along the route
  • And a chance to win our dreamy GRAND PRIZE – with so few spots, your chance of winning is high!

Cancellation Policy
Ordinarily, we allow cancellations prior to 24 hours to receive a full refund and flexible cancellation inside 24 hours if due to illness, but because there are such limited spots for this tour, there will be no refunds.