About Alberta Food Tours, Inc.

Karen Anderson founded Calgary Food Tours in 2006. Now, Alberta Food Tours, Inc. operates in Calgary, Banff, Canmore and Edmonton. We employ over 20 people, partner with over 85 Alberta businesses and support many regenerative farms and farmers throughout the province.

This is why we say when you eat, engage and explore with us, you support farmers who create healthy soil and food, you keep our food businesses thriving and you create rewarding jobs for our team. Soil, food and people - that's what we are all about.

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Eat, Engage and Explore Alberta - with us.

Meet The Founder

Karen Anderson - owner of Calgary Food Tours - Alberta Food Tours Inc.

Karen Anderson

President and CEO of Alberta Food Tours, Inc.

Karen Anderson founded Alberta Food Tours, Inc. in Calgary in 2006 and serves as President and CEO. She is certified by Food Tour Pros and leads a team of over 20 talented people in Calgary, Banff, Canmore and Edmonton, Alberta.

Anderson is also a food journalist who has written for radio, television, print and new media including CBC Radio, PBS-TV, Apple Magazine, City Palate, Avenue and WestJet magazines. She is also an IPPY and Taste Canada award-winning cookbook author for A Spicy Touch – Family Favourites from Noorbanu Nimji’s Kitchen with her Indian cooking mentor Noorbanu Nimji.

You can follow her personal and travel adventures at Savour it All and at Faces Places and Plates. Watch for her latest work, Food Artisans of Alberta published in 2018.


Meet the AFT team and our beloved tour leaders

When you spend a day with our team, you are not only connecting with local food experts but also Alberta tourism ambassadors with extensive knowledge of fun things to do.

Callandra Caufield

Operations Manager and Tour Leader

Callandra brings a wealth of knowledge from over 15 years in tourism and event management in Banff and Canmore. Now living in Cochrane she still loves to lead tours in both Canmore and Calgary.


Alyssa Berry

Communications Consultant

A PR grad of Calgary’s Mount Royal University, Alyssa has worked in small towns and big cities. She was PR manager for Tourism Calgary and Calgary as Cultural Capital in 2012.


Barbara Connolly - Canmore Food Tours - Alberta Food Tours Inc.

Barbara Connolly

Tour Leader

Barb is a great traveller, food lover and cook. She's been to India three times on culinary expeditions but when she's in Alberta she is thrilled to divide her time between Canmore and Calgary.

Paula Remple, Banff Canmore Food Tours, Alberta Food Tours

Paula Remple

Tour Leader

Paula is from Colorado but migrated north to enjoy life in the Canadian Rockies. She founded Bike Canmore and is and avid cyclist and bonafide local hero. She leads tours in Banff and Canmore.

Liane Faulder

Tour Leader

Liane is a leading food journalist, working at the Edmonton Journal for over 25 years, she has been a food writer there for the past 10. She joined Edmonton Food Tours as a leader in 2016.

Cindy Lazarenko

Tour Leader

Cindy Lazarenko is an award-winning chef who loves to give the Ukrainian dishes of her heritage a modern spin. She lives in the Highlands neighbourhood of Edmonton and is very active in the community.

Suzanne Dennis

Tour Leader

Suzanne is an avid food lover and supporter of Edmonton's food scene. Pitching in to help organize "What the Truck" the annual food truck fest - she is passionate about all things local.

Deborah Anzinger

Tour Leader

Deborah is a Professional Home Economist who consulted in the industry for 20 years. Her cookbook - Cook - makes cooking accessible and her vibrant personality gives a lift to our Edmonton tours.

Howard Kowalchuk

Tour Leader

Edmonton Food Tours leader, Howard, is a high school teacher, passionate cook, and traveller who loves exploring all things Mediterranean. His favourite countries are Turkey, Italy and Greece.

Karen Lewin

Tour Leader

We are very proud that Karen won the Tourism Calgary White Hatter award for exceptional service - tour leader - in 2017. She leads tours in Kensington and 17 Ave SW and is a great story teller.

Chef Judy Wood

Tour Leader

Judy trained at La Varenne in Paris and brought her skills to Calgary. She's been a driving force in our culinary scene ever since. Touring the farmers' market with her is inspirational.

Jennifer Elliot - "Jenny"

Tour leader

Jenny is a trained chef, yoga teacher and spice aficionado. She leads tours in Kensington, 17 Ave SW and Inglewood (where she lives) in Calgary.

Stephanie Tye

Tour Leader

Stephanie works with disabled individuals, is a talented artist and helps out with our Calgary Food Tours on weekends. She leads our Savour 17 SW tour.

Kerry Miller

Tour Leader

Kerry has a passion for cooking with the freshest ingredients possible. She leads our Calgary Famers' Market (where she is also a great customer) and our Inglewood Edibles: Made my Mavericks tours.

Seth Munoz

Tour leader

Seth works for Tourism Calgary and for us on weekends. He has a great knowledge of Calgary and is a wonderful ambassador for our city and our company.

Lisa Monforton

Tour Leader

Lisa is a journalist for media outlets across Canada. She is a heck of a lot of fun too. When not leading our Calgary Food Tours you can find her travelling the globe or camping in Alberta.