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Food Tours in Alberta


  • self-guided
  • in either direction between Jasper and Edmonton
  • 7 days/week, May to October
From $55 per team

Turn your road trip between Edmonton and Jasper into a fun, tasty, and interactive experience. This Yellowhead self-guided food tour does double duty. You can use it before you leave to plan the best food, art, history and museums, shopping, and nature stops. And, you can make getting there fun!

  • Self-Guided
From $50 per Team

A Self-Guided food tour that helps you eat like a local – on your own schedule, without a group, and at your own pace. You get away from the mainstream and enjoy our local’s picks and the stories behind them. The route is revealed as you solve clues and complete fun challenges with our easy to use app. Eat life to the fullest as you explore with special discounts and tasting samples at carefully chosen partners.