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  • Self-Guided

Alberta Food Finder: Canmore

Create your own food tour experience using our insider knowledge

Quick Details

Technology required to play: a data-enabled mobile device with Android 5.1 and higher or iOS version 9.1 and higher.

Team All Ages • Up to 4 People


Alberta Food Tours

What is Alberta Food Finder?

Alberta Food Finder is a GPS-enabled food-focused game you play on your mobile device. You pay for it here on our site. We immediately email your game code. You download a free app called “Loquiz” and start by simply entering your team name and members (you can have up to 4 team members per device). 

Your Canmore Mission: 8000 or bust! 

Boost a striving athlete on his last shot at making the Olympics. He needs 8000 calories a day and it’s all up to you to find these serious eats hidden in Canmore’s food scene. You’ll need to solve clues, complete “training” activities and uncover the hidden gems of this active living mountain mecca. 

It’s Easy to Play

Clue Icons pop up on a map of the area to help you complete your mission. Once you complete one clue, the next appears. There may be up to 30 clues depending on the game. You’ll enjoy a tour of carefully selected local food businesses as well as history, art and culture stops. 

With the Alberta Food Finder You Will:

  • Eat Alberta Like an Insider (we’ve curated the best spots for you)
  • Receive free tastings and valuable discounts for Alberta Food Finders only 
  • Earn a chance to win monthly prizes by posting to Instagram
  • Reconnect – SAFELY – at a date, time and pace that works for you 
  • Impact Alberta’s independent food businesses 
  • Come away amazed and proud about all Alberta has to offer!