The best hot chocolate cafes in Edmonton

on December 22, 2016

Story by Liane Faulder, Edmonton Food Tours Tour Leader and writer for the Edmonton Journal.

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Brunch on! – photo credit – Karen Anderson

Far from hunkering down to wait out winter, Edmontonians are famous for getting out and discovering ways to brighten and warm the long, dark season. Here’s a list that celebrates keeping active this winter for visitors and locals alike:


Patio fare

Dining au plein isn’t restricted to the summer in Edmonton. In the historic Bonnie Doon neighbourhood, Café Bicyclette embraces winter big-time with an outdoor patio warmed with wood-burning fireplaces and blankets for customers. The patio is located in a sheltered area at La Cite Francophone – a French language hub, and offers outside service until it dips below about minus 10C. Café Bicyclette (8627 rue Marie Anne Gaboury/91 St.) also features brunch on weekends, and is open throughout the day and some evenings. Call 587-524-8090 for details.

Winter food, Winter fun, Winter activities, Edmonton, Edmonton Food Tours, Alberta Food Tours

Hot cocoa is such a treat on a winter’s day – photo credit – Karen Anderson

Hot chocolate

Caffe Sorrentinos (with numerous locations in Edmonton) offers something known as Chocolate Lava, a decadent chocolate shot that can be enjoyed straight up, or combined with peppermint for a creamy refresher.

Remedy Café (with five locations in Edmonton) is better known for chai preparations but, the staff at the cafés also pull killer mugs of hot chocolate, complete with sprinkles and chocolate sauce drizzled on top.

DaCapo (8135 102 St.) an independent coffee shop has two hot chocolate drink versions on their menu, a Dutch Hot Chocolate and an Italian Hot Chocolate.

Woodrack (7603-109 St.) is another cozy space for chatting and enjoying a hot cocoa, along with a thick slice of banana bread inspired by the owner’s grandmother’s recipe.

winter fun, winter food, winter activities, Edmonton Food Tours, Alberta Food Tours Inc.

Chai latte – photo credit – Karen Anderson

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