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Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Food Tours for Globetrotters

People often ask us what is a food tour and why should I take one?

Here’s a Lonely Planet article of the “Top 10 Food Tours for Globetrotters” that, true to their style, gets right to the point.

Take a food tour when you get to a city and you’ll gain the insider knowledge on where to eat. You’ll be set up for success for your whole time in that city. After all, there’s nothing worse than being half way through a meal and realizing you’ve chosen a dud. Life’s to short to eat bad food.

It makes sense right? As food tour professionals, we’ve picked the best chefs, restaurants and food artisans to showcase and we’re friends with a whole delicious menu of others.

Cuisine is a key to unlocking a city’s culture and a good food tour pro will hand you that key on a silver platter.

Alberta has an amazing food scene. Come on up and see us sometime.