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Real fruit popsicles from Better at the Cherry Pit in the Calgary Farmers’ Market

Better Popsicles at The Cherry Pit - photo credit - Karen Anderson

Sensationally summer, that’s how these iconic summer treats taste. These bold and beautiful popsicles sell for $5.00 at Better by the Cherry Pit at The Calgary Farmers’ Market.

Sharla Dube, the owner of the Cherry Pit, says these popsicles are jam-packed with real fresh fruit and vegetables. You can’t fake these colours. Only Mother Nature herself could be so dramatic.

Better also sells freshly pressed juices and prepared salads that are “better” for you and better priced than competitors.┬áThe popsicles are also “better” for the earth because they help Dube deal with leftover produce from her fruit and vegetable stall at the market. Using up fruit and vegetables that might otherwise end up in as food waste is good for the earth and good for her business bottom line as well.

The photo above has raspberry basil, cucumber lime and mint, avocado chocolate strawberry and blackberry. The avocado chocolate one did not last long after these photos were taken. There’s also a cucumber lime and mint one that works great in a Gin and Tonic cocktail or with a bit of Pim’s.

Cheers to that. Have a sensational summer in Calgary.