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The Best Doughnuts In Alberta

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Here’s our list of the best doughnuts in Alberta.  Did you know Canadians eat more doughnuts per capita than any other country?  We’ve done extensive doughnut research to find the best places in our province. After all, Albertans love doughnuts as much as the rest of Canada and we’re here to  help you Eat Alberta First. 

  1. Calgary’s Jelly Modern Doughnuts started the doughnut bakery craze over a decade ago.  This bakery has a reputation for deliciousness based on customer favourites like the Maple Bacon Doughnut. 
  2. Our Operations Manager Kim says Edmonton’s Ace Coffee makes the best Italian bomboloni in the capital city.   These are pillowy soft doughnuts filled with what Kim calls the “best pastry cream” she has ever tasted.  
  3. Canmore locals watch the Frankie D’s Donuts website to get their doughnut orders in on time. Their spin on classic glazed doughnuts is our new ‘old favourite.’ 
  4. Hoopla Donuts is the brainchild of our favourite coffee roasters, Calgary’s Phil & Sebastian They are simply the perfect pairing. 
  5. Most Albertans will recognize the windmill in Red Deer’s Gasoline Alley, which belongs to the Donut Mill.  This local landmark makes fresh doughnuts daily. They are a must if you’re travelling between Edmonton and Calgary.
  6. Doughnut Party started in Edmonton in 2017 and is now opening its first Calgary location in Inglewood.  They are known for their excellent flavour combinations, AND they have vegan options too. It’s not technically a doughnut, but the rhubarb fritter is delish. 
  7. Our Community and Events Manager Nicole’s doughnut secret is Pate Sucree YYC. These soft and light as a feather brioche doughnuts can only be ordered through the Pate Sucree Instagram account.  They do not have a storefront yet, but we hear that will change soon.  
  8. Red Seal Baker Arlyn Sturwold offers many flavours at Edmonton’s Destination Doughnuts. Look for the doughnuts that mix savoury and sweet for something different. 
  9. At Pretty Sweet Bakeshop, you will get some of Calgary’s best and prettiest doughnuts. Their flavours change often, but they never disappoint.  You can order online or pop by the shop to see what was baked that morning. 
  10. The cream-filled doughnuts at Calgary’s Greedy Donut have quickly gained a cult following.  They often sell out of the 1000 doughnuts they make each day.  
  11. Visit Edmonton’s Hello Mochi for a unique Japanese-inspired take on doughnuts.  Hello Mochi combines cake doughnuts and mochi for a chewy treat.  We love the tropical flavours that are always on the menu.
  12. EPI. Canmore makes Berliners every Saturday that consistently sell out.  A Berliner is a German sweet yeast doughnut often filled with jam or jelly. Truthfully, this is one of Nicole’s other favourites. She might have a few!
  13. If classic tried and true doughnuts are what you’re looking for, visit  Bliss Bakes Goods. They also accommodate dietary restrictions like dairy and nut-free.
  14. The focus of Edmonton’s Fuzion Donuts is cream-filled doughnuts. Their signature is the Crème Brûlée filled with vanilla cream and a caramelized crunchy glaze. 
  15. We have heard stories of Calgarians driving to Lacombe to get a taste of Tollers Bistro’s Doughnuts.  They are made fresh every day. But get there early because they also sell out every day.
  16. South of Calgary, our President Karen loves to see what the doughnut of the day is at The Westwood in Diamond Valley. The Boston Cream is to die for.
  17. Last but not least, near Grande Prairie, you’ll find the legendary Crooked Creek Store with its glazed and filled doughnuts made by the Buck family.