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Private and Corporate Events – Building Connection and Community

Helping plan private and corporate events has created wonderful connections in our community.

DIRTT is a great example from Caglary’s corporate community. The client relations team at DIRTT calls on Alberta Food Tours to provide an experience of Calgary’s culture to the many returning and prospective clients they host each year.

We are flexible in creating the product they desire and at times they need it. Their guests are happy, after their very intense time at the DIRTT training facility, to have a break to experience our local culture and vibrant city with our team. We, in turn, love that we get to learn about DIRTT’s state of the art environmental design manufacturing. We also show our appreciation of their business by contributing to the fundraising efforts they undertake for Calgary charities, with gift certificate donations.

Today, we got a call that they needed us to create something by this afternoon. Excessive forest fire smoke forced them to cancel an outdoor pursuit. We met the group, south of Calgary to have a leisurely lunch at The Saskatoon Farm in DeWinton, toured Eau Claire Distillery and enjoyed cocktails in Turnery Valley and finished with a mead tasting and time to shop at Chinook Honey in Okotoks. Because of our long-standing relationship with these local food businesses, we were able to make a few calls and make it happen.

As you can see by the photos below, the day went well and the guests will leave Calgary with an indelible taste memory to go along with all they’ve learned. They’ll understand a little better why DIRTT chooses to make Calgary their world-wide headquarters and we hope our assistance in providing excellence in hospitality will help our friends at DIRTT land a great deal.

When connections are genuine, when relationships are built over time, when you’ve got each others back; that’s when providing a service turns into true community.

As a bonus, when corporate clients support our company they come to know that they are actually supporting many local companies.

If you have need to host guests or celebrate with your team, give us a call. Let’s connect and grow stronger together. That’s what community is all about.