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Alberta Food Tours’ Top Highlights of 2021

There was lots to be grateful this past year and here are Alberta Food Tours’ Top Highlights for 2021.  We are sending out a HUGE thank you to all who supported our Eat The Castle and private in-person tours, the Alberta Food Finder food tour games and our immensely successful Alberta Cares Packages.  We exist…

Our Covid-19 Plan

Dear friends, To be in small business, you’ve got to be positive and go after your vision. But, you’ve also got to stay in REAL time and be empowered to deal with what’s coming at you. We have temporarily suspended all Alberta Food Tours‘ touring operations. Our gatherings are always small but they require meeting in public…

What’s new for Alberta Food Tours in 2021?

15 years! Alberta Food Tours (AFT) has thrived for 15 years in business. That’s right. We started in April of 2006. That’s an incredible achievement by any standard but given Alberta will lose almost half of all tourism businesses because of the devastating effects of Covid-19 on our sector, the fact that we are staying…

2019 – The Year of Canadian Signature Experiences for Alberta Food Tours (our year in review)

2019 – The Year of Canadian Signature Experiences for Alberta Food Tours (AFT) 2019 was a fantastic year for our company. Why? Because, Destination Canada designated both our Inglewood Edibles: Made by Mavericks in Calgary and our Eat the Castle in Banff as Canadian Signature Experiences. So, that means Tourism Canada recommends them as “Must-See, Must-Do” experiences. They are recognized because they help visitors understand what Canada – and Canadians – are all about. Magazines, bloggers and content creators also loved us this year. We ran some seriously fun contests. And, our team of 20 talented guides delivered hundreds of tours around the province. Read on for a summary of all the action. January Writer Don Nichols featured us in his Private Clubs Magazine article: 5 Good Reasons To Visit Calgary We signed an agreement with Classic Vacations to become…

Our first #EatAlbertaFirst dinner – a honey-themed feast at Rouge in honour of our beekeepers Apiaries and Bees for Communities

We are celebrating! For six summers now, we’ve kept two beehives with the help of our mentor Eliese Watson the founder of Apiaries and Bees for Communities . Five years ago we moved the bees to the garden of our business partner Rouge Restaurant in Inglewood and both the garden and the bees are better for it. Rouge owners Paul Rogalski and Olivier Reynaud say that the bees have clearly doubled the pollination and harvest yield of their garden. Last year, we harvested 80 pound of honey from our two hives and left that much more for the bees to overwinter on. Beekeeping is a skill that requires mentoring.   As president of Alberta Food Tours, I was moved to start keeping bees when I heard that although large commercial scale bees were suffering colony collapse disorder, urban bees, with…

Announcing our Canadian Signature Experience in Banff – Eat the Castle

2019 is a year where Alberta Food Tours is recognized for our ability to create unforgettable moments for visitors. First, in February, Destination Canada designated our Inglewood Edibles: Made by Mavericks tour as a Canadian Signature Experience (CSE). Now, in partnership with the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel (FBSH), our Eat the Castle tour has just received the same designation. This means that these tours are part of Destination Canada’s permanent collection of must-see, must-do experiences for visitors to Canada. Travel Alberta explains that “CSE is a curated collection of over 200 unforgettable travel experiences offered by Canadians who are passionate to share their extraordinary part of the country with international visitors. The program helps change international perceptions of travelling within Canada and broaden the view of what Canada has to offer.” Marty Eberth, Vice President of Travel Alberta adds, “Visitors…

Getting ready for our 2019 season

There is no offseason The nicest thing has happened. We don’t really have an off-season anymore. In the photos above, you see our guide Nora Comerford-Seto with Santa on our last tour of 2018 at the Fairmont Banff Springs on December 21. The photo beside it is a private tour we did for ATB in Canmore on January 6. Hallelujah! It was great to only have three weeks as our offseason. Quiet activities Overall, November to April are quieter than May through October when we are in full swing. That’s important for me as a business owner and serial entrepreneur. I also have a writing and publishing company and a spice box importing company and am currently working on a new South Indian cookbook. I need some balancing time to pursue these other passions and to take care of myself….

Our Canadian Signature Experience in Calgary

THE MAKING OF A CANADIAN SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE – YOU’VE GOT TO START SOMEWHERE When I started Alberta Food Tours in 2006, I focused on tours that showcased the breadth and depth of Calgary’s diverse food scene. I’d hire a van and driver to transport guests to all four corners of the city. We captured tastes…

Small Business – Big Impact

  What’s your business model, cash flow projection, break even point and profitability targets? Questions like this used to make my head spin. If I’m honest, they still do. But now, I just take a deep gulp of fresh air and dive in and figure it out – with the help of the wonderful team I now work with. You see, for the first few decades of my working life I was a Nurse Practitioner. I never needed to think about the bottom line let alone marketing or advertising. In the health care biz, people were always lined up out the door. It was gratifying career caring for people and helping them manage their diseases. Until the day it wasn’t. Something changed in me. I developed a deep desire to work with healthy people and help them stay that way….

What is a food tour?

  A food tour is a great way to get to know a place, its people and their way of life – especially what foods they enjoy. In this post we’ll not only look at what is a food tour but also the who, what, when, where and why of our company. The Who We’re Alberta Food Tours and we’ve been in business since 2006. Our president, Karen Anderson, is an award-winning cookbook author and co-author of Food Artisans of Alberta- Your Trail Guide to the Best of Our Locally Crafted Fare. We have over 20 members on our team and operate in four cities in our province. We have 90 plus partners and together we support about 150 farms. When you support us, we pay all our partners and team members and we all create a great food culture….

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