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Food Tourism is here to stay

Alberta has a unique taste of place for the world to savour - photo - Karen Anderson

Here’s a Media Post article by the World Food Travel Association’s Eric Wolf entitled

Food Tourism: The Latest Fad Or Here To Stay?


With 25% of vacation dollars spent on food, the article makes a call for regions to consider differentiating their area’s brand of food. Turns out tasting the truly regional specialties of an area leave the kind of taste imprint that has guests coming back for second helpings and sharing the good news with their friends and family.

If you come to Alberta and don’t try bison or elk, some bread made with Red Fife Wheat, Saskatoon berry pie, honey, mustards, artisanal cheeses, locally distilled spirits, craft beers or the one and only Alberta beef, you’ve not tasted our province. Be sure to check out the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance calendar for an extensive array of food travel events that will help you get to know our taste of place.

And – of course – we’d be very happy to have you join one of our food tour experiences in Calgary, Banff, Canmore and Edmonton. We love helping our guests eat, engage and explore Alberta.