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#loveyyc – Alberta Food Tours participates in the many hands campaign of our Calgary community

Each year in November, we show Calgary some love with the #loveyyc campaign.

Tourism Calgary and Calgary Economic Development have partnered to, “celebrate our city, people and all the countless things that make Calgary one of the greatest cities in the world”.

It’s a call for citizens to advocate for our community and to engage and to support local businesses. Boom, bust or flood, Calgary is strong and here’s another chance to prove it. Get involved by:

1 – being inspired by the video above
2 – using and following the hashtag #loveyyc
3 – choosing activities to attend and businesses to support on #loveyyc day each year from the list at Visit Calgary

It’s just that easy.

We are proud that our small business supports over 50 local businesses with walking and tasting tours in six Calgary neighbourhoods. Now that’s a great story. Come help us spread it.