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What’s new for Alberta Food Tours in 2021?

15 years!

15 years! It’s 2021 and Alberta Food Tours (AFT) was founded in 2006. That means we’ve not only survived but thrived for 15 years in business. That’s an incredible achievement by any standard but given that Alberta will lose between a third to a half of all tourism businesses because of the devastating effects of Covid-19 on the business, the fact that we are staying alive is especially wonderful.

How are we doing it?

We stick true to the reason for our existence. AFT exists to increase the health of soil, food and people. We do this through powerful story telling and connections. Since we can’t do this with our award-winning food tours right now, we looked at other ways. A self-guided food tour game delivered on your mobile device seemed to one way to continue. So, we developed our Alberta Food Finder app. Sourcing great Alberta products to fill care packages that support Alberta food businesses and charities was another idea so we developed our Alberta Cares Packages. We’ll spend 2021 scaling up both these offerings AND we’ll bring back our in-person tours when it is safe to do so.

Our team

Our team has shrunk from 18 in 2019 to three now. Callandra Caufield is our operations manager. Nicole Liboiron-Coles is in charge of Digital Communications and Karen Anderson is founder and President. Though small in number, the human potential of our Alberta Food Tours team is still impressive and we are dedicated to staying the course and redefining our company to continue to serve our community.

New opportunities to travel at home and abroad

As the Covid-19 vaccine roles out around the beautiful blue planet, we will once again be able to travel. When it comes to overseas trips, it is most likely that all travel will be postponed until 2022. Our Ancient Tastes and Temples tour of South India is sold out but, we’ve got a bucket list destination coming for March of 2022. The best way to access the opportunity to Travel with Us is to become an Alberta Food Tours insider by subscribing to our newsletter.

Same passion – that’s a promise

For 15 years we’ve been sharing our passion for the best ways to EAT, ENGAGE and EXPLORE Alberta. This year were more fired up than ever. Consider booking a private tour. We love the challenge of creating custom offerings to suit your exact wishes. We couldn’t do it without you – our beloved community. Thanks for getting us this far and we look forward to serving you for years to come.