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Alberta Food Finder

Become an Alberta Food Finder

If the idea of gathering with your favourite people for an unforgettable day of discovering amazing local food, hidden gems, and surprising history, art and culture through a guided interactive game sounds awesome, then you’re an Alberta Food Finder. Welcome. 

What is Alberta Food Finder?

Gather your favourite people for a fun afternoon or evening out. Think of Alberta Food Finder as one part self-guided food tour and one-part living board game. All you need to play is a GPS-enabled mobile device. You pay for the game here. Download a free app called “Loquiz”. Get a code by email. Load it and enter your team and names (you can have up to four team members per device). Then you’ll receive your mission.

Clues to help you complete your mission will pop up on the app’s map. Completing a clue pops up the next. The game will guide you through a tour of restaurants and food specialty shops as well as local history, art and culture stops. Our partners at the independent Alberta businesses have prepared Alberta Food Finder ONLY samples for you to try and discounts for you to enjoy. To finish your mission, you’ll need to complete all of the clues.

During Your Mission You Will:

  • Explore Alberta like a food traveller pro 
  • Take a deep dive into our food culture and discover hidden gems
  • Receive free tastings and valuable discounts
  • Have a chance to win monthly grand prizes when you post to Instagram
  • Support Alberta’s independent businesses and farms
  • Go at your own pace – SAFELY – on a date and time that works best for you 
  • Complete a fun challenge and come away amazed with all our province has to offer

Why You Must Embark On Your Quest:

  • It’s a quintessential Explore Alberta activity filled with hidden food and culture gems
  • Families, singles or couples can do it and you can even challenge groups of friends to compete
  • You can play in a few hours or take your time and make it a half-day 
  • It’s COVID-safe and allows you to observe the 3W’s – Wear a mask, Wash your hands and Watch your distance 
  • You’ll support Alberta’s independent food businesses
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Alberta Food Finder Game
Oxbow Restaurant at Hotel Arts Kensington
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Frequently Asked Questions

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