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5 fun foodie things to do in Calgary for under $15

Here’s 5 fun foodie things to do in Calgary for under $15. It’s all proof that eating, engaging and exploring Calgary’s food scene doesn’t need to be expensive.  You just need someone to show you how to eat like an insider.

  1. Try a few entries from this month’s YYC Hot Chocolate Fest. With over 90 drinks to choose from around the city pick a convenient location and donate to a worthy cause at the same time.  Money from every cup sold goes to support Calgary’s Meals on Wheels. Check out the Rosemary Sea Salt Hot Chocolate from Vendome Café.   Thirteen dollars will get you two medium drinks which leaves you enough change to pick up three donut holes from Holy Cow next door. Wow, will they fun to dunk in your hot chocolate.
  2. Brunch at Friends with Benedicts at First Street Market Urban Food Hall. We visited last week and fell in love with the Smooth Talker Eggs Benny. It came with pico de gallo, salsa verde and cilantro. For $10.99, this might just become your weekend go-to spot.
  3. Visit Bridgeland Distillery for a Whisky or Brandy tasting. For just $12 you can find a menu with three different spirit tastings. With a tasting you can also take a complimentary distillery tour. Fun times at the Alberta Distillery of the Year.
  4. Did you know the new menu at Eat Crow Snack Bar has over a dozen items under $15? And, during happy hour you can get a burger for $4.50.  Bonus! This means your $15 budget can still include one of their signature cocktails.
  5. Play Alberta Food Finder. With a game pass of $45 for a team of four, you can get outside and enjoy the fun self-guided food tour route in Kensington.  So, for $11.25 a person you can Eat, Engage and Explore Alberta’s food, art and culture scene and get four free samples during the game. (Psst – there’s also an amazing Olympic themed game in Canmore!)