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Alberta Food Tours’ Top Highlights of 2021

RBC Resilient Business Award

There was lots to be grateful this past year and here are Alberta Food Tours’ Top Highlights for 2021.  We are sending out a HUGE thank you to all who supported our Eat The Castle and private in-person tours, the Alberta Food Finder food tour games and our immensely successful Alberta Cares Packages.  We exist to improve the health of Alberta’s soil, food and people. We do that through storytelling and connection in a variety of interesting ways and we just just couldn’t do any of it without you.

  1. Through our endeavours we collaborated with, used or supported over 120 businesses – small and big. Most were in Alberta, some were a bit further afield.
  2. We launched Alberta Food Finder in Canmore on the heels of our successful release in Calgary’s Kensington last year. Look for new Alberta Food Finder locations coming soon.
  3. We sent 1,086 Alberta Cares Packages around the globe. And, with them came the chance to highlight some of the best food artisans in our province to a worldwide audience.
  4. We raised $5400 for local charities and non-profits with our sales of Alberta Cares Packages.
  5. With our partners, we planted 596 trees in Alberta and around the world.
  6. Our president, Karen Anderson, gave 12 Zoom presentations and tasting classes to Alberta based and international companies.
  7. Karen wrote 8 articles for Canadian publications.
  8. We launched of our weekly listicle and blog post called Eat Alberta Like an Insider.
  9. Through our social media channels, we featured 55 Alberta food artisans.
  10. Karen’s kitchen was busy as we shared 95 original recipes.
  11. Some of those recipes will be in an upcoming Eat Alberta First cookbook as Karen landed a book deal with Touchwood Editions Publishing.
  12. And, last but not least, Alberta Food Tours received the RBC Resilient Business of the Year award from the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.