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Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants in Calgary

Plant based bowl


We are happy to share our Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants in Calgary because plant-based eating is here to stay. And, as we all strive for health while living through a pandemic, the seven word eating manifesto of Michael Pollan comes to mind: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”

  1. I meet a lot of travel industry pros and media. They like to eat light when they can so I often send them to Ten Foot Henry because it has a beautiful vegetable-forward menu with light and interesting proteins underpinning it. The vegetable dishes are the stars of the show here and everyone I’ve sent then tries to squeeze in a return visit even if they’re only in town a few days. That tells you something!
  2. The Coup has recently been bought by the folks behind my favourite Vegan restaurant in Banff, Nourish Bistro. See how I snuck an extra pick in there! I am excited to see what Nourish adds to this locally sourced menu. The cocktails are always superb here as well.
  3. The Allium makes the list for lots of reasons. It’s co-operatively owned and serves chef-driven fare like mushroom schnitzel and squash gnocchi.
  4. For scrumptious plant-based burgers and shakes, I wander down to 17th Ave SW to V-Burger. I love the creamy mushroom burger, onion rings and strawberry shake. Mmm-must go again soon.
  5. Finally, Vegan Street has a Kitchen and Lounge in the Beltline and a Taco Bar in Inglewood with The Attic cocktail bar and al forno pizza upstairs. Their claim to fame is drool-worthy strictly vegan comfort food. Jackfruit pulled pork is a fave here.