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Alberta Restaurants Celebrating Food Day Canada


Today is Food Day Canada and we are sharing the list of great Alberta restaurants participating in showing off Canada’s food.  Food Day Canada engages and inspires people to shop, cook and dine Canadian.  It is a chance for all Canadians to celebrate farmers to chefs to home cooks and everyone in between who is part of our vital food chain.

  1. Alforno, Calgary
  2. Alloy, Calgary
  3. Charbar, Calgary
  4. Charcut Roast House, Calgary
  5. Rouge, Calgary
  6. Cucina, Calgary
  7. Dean House, Calgary
  8. Foreign Concept, Calgary
  9. Oxbow at Hotel Arts Kensington, Calgary
  10. RGE RD, Edmonton
  11. River Café, Calgary
  12. Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, Calgary
  13. Teatro, Calgary
  14. The Coup, Calgary
  15. The Guild, Calgary
  16. Vendome Cafe, Calgary
  17. Yellow Door Bistro, Calgary