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ATB’s a seat at our table

We love the produce of Alberta and the talented chefs in our province who showcase it. That’s why it was such an honour for our President Karen Anderson to be chosen for a seat at ATB financial’s Long Table Dinner in Calgary in June, 2015.

ATB has sponsored a series of “think tank” long table dinners to stimulate great food and other business ideas through conversations. Along with Travel Alberta, the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance and the Alberta Motor Association they hope to share a unified story of what’s on Alberta’s menus across the province. The video that follows, shows highlights of the delicious food grown by Alberta farmers and prepared by Alberta chefs. It’s all about the taste of this place.

One of the best things about Alberta Food Tours is the joy we have in sharing the best of what Alberta’s food scene has to offer the world. That’s what’s on our table.