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Calgary Food Tours chosen in “Best of 2014” by Los Angeles’ FLOOD magazine

Flood magazine’s Laura Studarus wrote a piece on Calgary Food Tours as her choice in the magazine staff pick’s for The Best of 2014.

It’s a pretty big deal when one of the major voices for “all things culture” in Los Angeles writes an article raving about a food tour in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Especially because the journalist happened to be vegetarian and because she could have chosen from a myriad of tours across North America – let alone Los Angeles.

She was surprised and delighted to find out how happy her veg-heart could be in a town touted as Cowtown. We love it when people get the real scoop of what’s really going on this town and how much more there is on our menus than previously imagined. We were happy to show her that Calgary really is Canada’s all-round CHOWtown.