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Canadian Expat Mom puts icing on her trip to Calgary with a Craving Kensington food tour

Hot off the press!

Canadian Expat Mom Lisa Webb writes about our Craving Kensington tour and if you read it you’ll see we call it that for a reason.

There are so many treats on this tour. It is one of our most popular.

Lisa is a true food enthusiast with a keen eye for details and taste buds that are ever in search of flavour. It’s fun to see our tour through the eye of her camera lens. I think she captured the joy and pride we feel in showcasing our food tour partnerships very well.

We were impressed that Lisa chose to spend one of her precious days at home in Calgary, Canada sharing in the food, fun and adventure our tours deliver. We hope she’ll come back and see us again on her next trip home.

We’d love it if she inspires you to come and see us too. Let us know if she did as I’m sure that she’d love to know that her blog, photos and writing make a difference to a small business like ours. The blogging community is all about support and sharing.

Thanks Lisa! Cheers, Karen