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Things to do in Calgary

Summer Fun Things To Do in Calgary

  Looking for Summer Fun Things To Do in Calgary? I’m Karen Anderson, the President and CEO of Alberta Food Tours. I’ve lived in Calgary since 1984 and it’s my pleasure to share all my favourite things to do in Calgary in summer. Our partner Tourism Calgary’s Visit Calgary  is a wonderful starting place….

Craving Kensington – Fun things to do in one of our favourite Calgary neighbourhoods

Calgary is a sprawling city of just over 825 square kilometres . The downtown is filled with skyscrapers but just a short walk or bike ride across The Peace Bridge lies a compact liveable, walkable area known as Kensington. The fact that Calgary has a string of neighbourhoods like this circling it like pearls on a necklace surprises many. This is where locals hang out and this is why we like to share areas like this with visitors to the city. As our friend Kenny Dunn at Eating Europe says, It’s nice to take a break from being a tourist. Calgary Food Tours has offered food tours in Kensington for a few years now. We love our long-standing partners and in an effort to help more people attend the previously only daytime offering, we recently moved the hours of operation to Thursday evenings,…