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TaraNoland of Noshing With The Nolands visits our Craving Kensington Calgary Food Tour

Food blogger Tara Noland booked into our Craving Kensington food tour as a treat for an out of town guest. We didn’t know about Tara’s phenomenally successful blog. Tara just showed up to enjoy the day with her friend and she wasn’t fussed at all that we didn’t know about it. Her modesty was a delight and it was great to get to know her and Bette and to spend time with them.

A few weeks went by and then Tara posted on Noshing with the Nolands about her time on the tour we affectionately refer to as “The Belly-Buster”. Tara’s voice is as genuine and friendly as she is. It’s also informative and very casually reveals her depth of knowledge when it comes to food, wine and spirits.

Thank you Tara. Cheers to you and all you do.