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Top 7 Spots for Tacos in Calgary


Here are our top 7 spots for Tacos in Calgary.  Does it feel like everyone around you is booking a vacation to Mexico?  Don’t fret, we have some great locations for authentic tacos right here in Calgary.

  1. Tres Marias Mexican Market is one of Calgary’s most authentic bodegas. It is stocked with freshly made tortillas, burritos, empanadas and signature salsas. If you give them a call in the morning, they will have your taco kit ready for pick up for an easy weeknight meal.
  2. Looking for a refined but still a rustic street taco? Look no further than Native Tongues. We love the masa they use in their tortillas and they also have one of the city’s best margaritas.
  3. Chef Duncan Ly brings his taco-making genius to the new District at Beltline Market with Takori. This is an Asian fusion taqueria that combines Mexican cuisine with Asian flavours. We recommend the char siu pork soft tacos.
  4. In one of our favourite lunch spots, the First Street Market, you’ll find an authentic and delicious Mexican food stall called Moose and Poncho. Pro tip: for brunch, try their chilaquiles. They are large enough for sharing.
  5. We’ve been a fan of Thank You Hospitality’s Fonda Fora since it opened in the Wesley Hotel last year. Executive chef Castillo comes from the Yucatan in Mexico and brings with him family recipes and a refined palate from years of travelling. The slow roasted pork with masa is our go to here.
  6. Find Con Mi Taco as pop (for now) in Meat & Bread on 9 Ave SW. All their tacos are made in small batch runs to keep ingredients fresh.  They grind the corn each morning and hand press each tortilla to order.  They also have to-go taco kits which is great because the 20-seat restaurant is usually full.
  7. Finally, enjoy Blanco Cantina in Kensington for the grilled fish tacos. You’ll find this a great stop when you are out playing our food tour game Alberta Food Finder and need to sit and nosh for a spell.