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Where to Order Coffee Beans Online in Alberta



In this post, we’re going to give you the inside scoop on where to order coffee beans online to keep that business in Alberta. At Alberta Food Tours we always encourage you to #EatAlbertaFirst. So, while you won’t find Alberta-grown coffee in our cold (cold) climate, you will find an exceptional community of conscious coffee roasters across the province that will deliver right to your mailbox or door. So, here’s a great list of local coffee roasting artisans you can support.

Good Coffee is a bit subjective, so we’ve divided this list into two styles of beans. Most folks prefer one over the other.

Traditional Beans

Think of these as a highly upgraded version of your Grandparent’s coffee. You’ll find these beans have a rich deep flavour, are often blends, and usually have the distinction of light, medium or dark roast.

1. Calgary Heritage Roasting Company – This roaster proudly boasts a traditional bean style, avoiding floral and fruity notes. Instead, they feature coffees with “savoury, chocolatey, nutty, smokey, caramel and toffee tasting notes.”

2. Cochrane Coffee Traders – This small-batch roaster is in Downtown Cochrane. Try the crowd-pleasing signature Cowboy blend. Or, for the bold dark coffee lover in your life, we recommend the Chat Noir espresso blend.

3. Dark Wood Brewing and Coffee Roasting – Here, you can order your beer and coffee at the same time from this family-run brewery/roaster combo located in Innisfail, Alberta.

4. Rebel Bean Coffee – Okotoks-based Rebel Bean Coffee has a great school fundraising program. You might just find your favourite eight-year-old trying to sell you a bag of these beans.  And, perhaps that explains why there are some fun themed coffees to choose from at Rebel, like the Hogwart’s House Blend.

New Wave Beans

These coffees are often a bit acidic, with surprising flavours like fruits or flowers as well as notes like chocolate and nuts. You’ll usually find tasting notes, processing notes, and beans sourced from a single origin farm.

5. Eclipse Coffee Roasters – Based in Canmore, select from coffees that are bright (fruity notes), balanced (caramel and chocolate notes), or bold (dark chocolate and nut notes).

6. Good Trade Coffee Company – This social enterprise has a singular focus of running a profitable coffee company to support low-income coffee farmers in Columbia and especially to provide education for their families. Try the coffee sampler pack to find your favourite of their Columbian coffee beans.

7. Transcend Coffee – A pioneer in Alberta’s fourth-wave craft coffee industry (coffee roasters that go beyond sourcing from single estates to also investing and becoming partners with them in production), Edmonton’s Poul Mark started Transcend in 2006. The Rarities Coffee subscription is the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life.

8. Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters – Phil and Sebastian have spent the better part of the past two decades exploring the science and art of the coffee bean, building relationships with many coffee farmers along the way. They now have owner partnership relationships in both Africa and South America – all to raise the quality of lives of the growers and the quality of the beans at the same time.

9. Rogue Wave Coffee Roasters – Shop online at this Edmonton-based roaster for unique beans and a large selection of coffee gear. If you’re feeling indecisive, order the Roaster’s surprise – leave notes about what you like, and the team will choose your coffee for you.

10. Sought x Found Coffee Roasters – With exciting bean descriptions like “surreal and phenomenal” and processes like “Double Anaerobic Thermal Shock – an experimental washed process” Sought x Found is the perfect match for the coffee nerd seeking exotic flavours.

In-person Coffee Experiences

If you feel like taking off your work-from-home PJs and drinking some of this coffee in person, try our Alberta Food Finder self-guided food tour games. Our games are part escape room, part self-guided food tour and all fun. You’ll discover two of the roasters on the list as part of our Kensington and Canmore games. You’ll have to play the game to discover which ones!

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