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Ten stops for body-mind-wellness in Calgary by Catherine Roscoe Barr

Here’s an article – 10 stops for body-mind-wellness – that journalist Catherine Roscoe Barr of The Life Delicious  published in BCLiving about strategies to employ in the pursuit of health and fitness in Calgary.

She was kind enough to mention our Sunday Brunch and Calgary Farmers’ Market Food Tour as one of the strategies.

Catherine genuinely loved learning about the lives of our Alberta farmers and ranchers who grow food and bring it to us at The Calgary Farmers’ Market. She’s healthy and vibrant but fun loving and enthusiastic so she doesn’t deprive herself of a little wine or a few sweets. Though to be honest – our brunch is uber healthy and we give everyone a great Sunday supper plan on that tour so I think we were right up her bowling alley.

Still – it was really nice for that tour and our vendors to be recognized for their excellence. We are really proud to work with The Calgary Farmers’ Market.

Special thanks to Andrea Visscher of Tourism Calgary for hosting Catherine and joining her on the tour!