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7 Places to Enjoy Indigenous Food in Alberta

  Here are 7 places to enjoy Indigenous Food in Alberta. All of them feature amazingly talented Indigenous chefs and Alberta’s signature foods. We hope you’ll get out to eat, engage and explore these locations soon. It’s all a part of our promise to help you Eat Alberta First and Eat Alberta like an insider….

Secrets of Southern Alberta – An #EatAlbertaFirst Road Trip – Sept 10-13, 2020

Join Alberta Food Tours in September, 2020 for this once in a lifetime Alberta road trip There are as many ways to explore Alberta as there are range and township roads criss-crossing the province. But, how many of us have the time to plan a trip to truly get to know this beautiful place? We dream of meeting Alberta’s leading edge food artisans and tourism entrepreneurs but don’t know how to make the connections? We search for meals brimming with Alberta’s signature foods and end up settling for roadside fast food. We long to slow down and soak up the beauty of this land but are too busy navigating life to take it all in. Finally, here’s a trip where you just have to show up and every detail has already been taken care of for you.   DAY #1…

Our first #EatAlbertaFirst dinner – a honey-themed feast at Rouge in honour of our beekeepers Apiaries and Bees for Communities

We are celebrating! For six summers now, we’ve kept two beehives with the help of our mentor Eliese Watson the founder of Apiaries and Bees for Communities . Five years ago we moved the bees to the garden of our business partner Rouge Restaurant in Inglewood and both the garden and the bees are better for it. Rouge owners Paul Rogalski and Olivier Reynaud say that the bees have clearly doubled the pollination and harvest yield of their garden. Last year, we harvested 80 pound of honey from our two hives and left that much more for the bees to overwinter on. Beekeeping is a skill that requires mentoring.   As president of Alberta Food Tours, I was moved to start keeping bees when I heard that although large commercial scale bees were suffering colony collapse disorder, urban bees, with…